Established for years under hardest operating conditions

The PT9 C-PROOF is a seawater-proof underwater locating device according to SAE AS 8045, which has been specifically developed for the installation on data storage capsules/final recording Medias (FRM) of Voyage Data Recorder Systems (VDR/S-VDR). The PT9 C-PROOF has been designed to send a locating signal for at least 30 days in the case of being activated by water immersion.

The PT9 C-PROOF is approved by the BSH, The German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency.

The PT9 C.PROOF has been especially developed for the usage on ships. Therefore, we chose materials and coatings which have proved themselves in practice, having been exposed to the rough conditions on deck of a ship for years. The PT9 C-PROOF distinguishes itself considerably from the other known systems. It does not only have corrosion protected components as coatings and contact areas; but is also equipped with a patented, intelligent activation. Confounding factors like as rain, sea spray, condensation etc will mostly be blocked out through this function. The advantage of this is that the number of unwanted activations is reduced on a minimum. This has a considerable influence on the battery life time. With the PT9 C-PROOF, there is no need installing complex mechanic protective measures which shall prevent unwanted activations, e.g. a water switch.

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