NVR-9000 VDR

Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) Interface: Ethernet IEC61162-450 7 ch Serial IEC61162-1/2, RS422 8 ch VHF Audio 2 ch Microphone 8 ch Remote Alarm Unit 1 ch USB 1 ch DC 24V outp…
          -    NVR-9000 VDR is designed to comply with the  latest IMO rules of MSC.333(90), MSC.214 (81).
          -    Store data for min 48 hours both in Float-free Capsule (FFC) and Fixed Protective Capsule (FPC).
          -    Store data for min 30days/720 hours in Data Acquisition Unit.

          -     Record image of two radars and two ECDIS.

          -     Three separate channels for audio input:

                 One for up to 4 microphones

                 One for up to 4 microphones

                 One for 2 VHF audio

          -     As standard configuration, below ports provided:

                 Serial port x 24 ch (8ch at DAU and 16 ch at DEU)

                 Digital port x 64 ch (DEU)

                 Analog port x 8 ch (DEU)

     -     PC software and Phone APP are available for playback and realtime monitoring.

     -     CCS type approval.

     -     DNV-GL type approval.

     -     VR type approval.

     -     RS type approval.

 Data Acquisition Unit  (DAU)    
 Interface  Ethernet IEC61162-450  7 ch
   Serial IEC61162-1/2, RS422  8 ch
   VHF Audio  2 ch
   Microphone  8 ch
   Remote Alarm Unit  1 ch
   USB  1 ch
 DC 24V output:    Remote Alarm Unit (RAU)  1 ch
   Fixed Protective Capsul (FPC)  1 ch
   Float-Free Capsule (FFC)  1 ch
 Recording Duration :    min 720 hours
 Reserve Battery Capacity:    min 2 hours
 Fixed Protective Capsule (FPC)    Memory  64 GB
   Recording Duration  min 48 hours
 Float-Free Capsule (FFC)  Memory  64 GB
   Recording Duration  min 48 hours
   Battery Capacity  min 168 hours
   Battery Life  5 years
 Data Extension Unit (DEU)    
 Interface:  Analog Input  8 ch
   Digital Input  64 ch
   Serial IEC61162-1/2, RS422  16 ch
   Ethernet  1 ch
 Video Interface Unit (VIU)    
 Interface:  VGA  1 -2 ch
   Ethernet  1-2  ch
 Remote Alarm Unit  (RAU)  Serial IEC61162-1/2, RS422  1 ch
 POWER SUPPLY   Data Acquisition Unit  (DAU)  AC100V/220V, 0.5~1.5A, 50/60Hz
   Data Extension Unit  (DEU)  DC24V, 0.5A
   Video Interface Unit (VIU)  DC24V, 0.3A
       *NEB-2000C/NFP-2000C is supplied together with a Junction Box (NEB205) and cable (30m).
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