Furuno VR-7000S

IMO-Compliant Simplified Voyage Data Recorder

The VR7000S Simplified Voyage Data Recorder, or S-VDR, collects and stores navigation data from shipboard sensors, and allows owners or investigators to easily retrieve the data for evaluation and investigation. The system complies with standards for simplified VDR, IEC61996-2 Ed.1, and allows owners to replace existing SVDR’s with only the components that were required at the time the original SVDR was fitted and approved. It also provides a safe and reliable way for owners to purchase only the components they need for voluntary fittings (non-SOLAS).

The VR7000S employs a SSD for internal storage as well as enhanced life components, and the sustainable product design supports customers for navigational data collection in the long term. This S-VDR is also suitable for customers who wish to record voyage data on a voluntary basis, who may not need for DRU installation. The included standard 'Live Player' PC software works as a complete navigational data repeater and provides real-time navigational information.

DRU options

The VR7000S may be accessorized with either of two data recording units, fixed or float free with EPIRB, and other accessories are available for interfacing Radars, ECDIS, bridge audio, and other analog and digital inputs as required.

A Voyage Data Recorded (VDR) is similar to the black boxes carried on aircraft. The VR7000S aids investigators in securing evidence by reviewing procedures and instructions in the moments before an accident. The VR7000S collects data from all interfaced sensors on board the vessel, storing it in an external Data Recording Unit (DRU). The optional, tamper-proof DRU units, one fixed and one float-free, are designed to withstand extreme impact, pressure, shock and heat, which may happen during an incident. When the DRU is retrieved, the stored data can be replayed by authorities to investigate the cause of the accident.

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